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Alcantara Fabric Cleaner LRC49


LRC49 Brings Alcantara back to life again, Revive your Alcantara.

The Alcantara Fabric Cleaner guarantees a first-class result every time. Our special cleaning technology helps to deep clean, brighten, and restore your fabrics.

  • Removes Stains
  • Brightens Fabric Fibres 
  • Perfect For Steering Wheels 
  • Removes Inground Dirt 

It loosens the dirt that is bonded to the material, it’s capable of lifting the most stubborn stains, including engine oil, grease and grime.

The product is naturally based, safe to use on all types of alcantara fabrics, steering wheels, car seats, sofas, handbags, clothing, roof linings, and so much more producing a bright new look every time.

please note; All stains should be removed within a few days of it happening for the best results.

1 Shake the bottle well to activate formula
2 Spray directly onto the fabric, cloth or sponge
3 Use circular motions to lift away the dirt from your leather.
4 Using a soft terry towel wipe away all dirt residue.

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