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Boiled Linseed Oil LRC43


Boiled Linseed Oil LRC43

Protection for all natural timber outside, including stone, and bricks and wooden sports equipment.

Our Boiled Linseed Oil is completely safe to use on most kinds of wood (not on oak) and all stone. It adds a layer of protection whilst naturally enhancing the colour.

Unlike other linseed oils, our Boiled Linseed oil is very unique its been boiled twice and hot air passed through it to ensure it dries faster and provides a harder wearing coating to the surface.

Our premium quality Linseed Oil has had hot air passed through it to ensure it dries quicker and is the finest on the market today. Forms a tough, durable slightly glossy superior finish.

It is a beautiful oil to work with and has endless applications including wooden furniture, sports equipment such as cricket bats, musical instruments, terracotta tiles, stone steps and garden furniture! Food and child safe.

It’s fantastic for terracotta tiles and porous stone providing a barrier of protection for interior and exterior surfaces.

When used as a wood finish, linseed oil dries slowly and shrinks little upon hardening. Linseed oil does not cover the surface as varnish does, but soaks into the (visible and microscopic) pores, leaving a shiny but not glossy surface that shows off the grain of the wood. A linseed oil finish is easily repaired.

Boiled linseed oil is a natural oil blended with driers to improve drying time. A thin coat can dry within 1 day.

1. Ensure the surface is clean and dry before application, Linseed Oil is easily applied with a soft cloth.
2.Work it into the wood in a circular motion, finishing off in the direction of the wood grain. Leave for around 20 mins and wipe away any excess oil with the same cloth.
3.Leave to soak in for 24 hours before applying a second coating, rub gently with fine wire wool before the second application to improve the overall finish.
4.Apply one final coating, rubbing with fine wire wool before the final application, leaving your item for 48 hours before use. Re-apply yearly depending on the situation.

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