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Canvas Roof Dye LRC12



Easily restore the colour of your canvas roof with our Canvas Roof Top Dye,  its designed to recolour and restore your canvas soft top convertible.

Bring your roof back to life, change its colour or just give it a nice freshen up.

No matter how faded your canvas is our unique formula has been developed to restore and return your canvas back to its former glory.

Its a fantastic product to restore all types of canvas materials. 

Our canvas dyes are often used in the re-enactment sectors and military areas to dye canvas tents, canvas vehicle tops, and other items.

How to use:
1 First of all remove any dirt and mould from the roof. You can do this by using our Leather Cleaner.

2 Apply the canvas dye directly and evenly onto the roof of the car with a sponge or soft cloth. Or wrap the sponge inside a soft cloth for a stronger grip
3 Work the dye into the material to ensure it absorbs deep into the fibres. This can be built up in several layers so it's completely renewed
4: Once satisfied that your roof is sufficiently coloured, let it dry
5 Apply our Canvas Water proofer to lock in protection

Always check in a small area first, this is not suitable for mohair or standard soft top car roofs, it works on canvas only.

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