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Antique Cream Lacquer LRC51



Easy to apply with a sponge or spray application, with amazing results, producing a beautiful silky Clear Finish Leather Lacquer.

This clear coat Antique Cream Lacquer has been designed to seal the colour in after applying antique restorers or the shoe restorer cream. It also feels soft and natural on the leather with a silk like finish and touch, it does not make leather feel and look artificial in any way.

In fact, it far improves the touch and texture on leather, achieving a very smooth, soft, silky feel that is very natural and so realistic you won’t be able to tell them apart.

The clear coat antique silk dressing Finish is an Ideal partner for manufacturers of antique finished leathers. Where the coloured finish is rubbed off to create a two-tone effect coloured look and finish.

1 shake well to activate the formula
2 clear coat lacquer being careful not to overload the sponge so as not to create a froth on the surface.
3 Apply two to three coats maximum allowing to dry between each coating, you can speed this up with a hair drier.
4. Sand before you apply the last coat of lacquer to achieve to produce a luxuriously soft silky finish.

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