Leather Repair Company

Medium Starter Kit


Leather Craftsman's Medium Kit A fantastic popular kit for techs starting out with leather repairs wanting to offer long term repairs as a business.



Kit Contents  

Products & Tools


1 x 1ltr Premium leather cleaner

1 x 500ml Leather protection cream

1 x 1ltr Alcohol cleaner

1 x 250ml Flexi filler

1 x 250ml Fibre binder

1 x 250ml Quick dry filler

2 x 50ml Coloured heavy filler black & white

1 x 100ml Leather glue

1 x 5ltr Leather prep

1 x 500ml Leather prep

1 x 500ml Leather finish gloss

1 x 500ml Leather finish satin

1 x 500ml Leather finish matt

1 x 250ml Stain and ink remover

1 x 250ml Softening Creme

25 x Large sponges

25 x Small sponges

50 x Tooth picks

50 x Mixing sticks

10 X Glue plastic stick

20 x Small mixing pots

10 x Medium mixing pots

1 x Black backing fabric

1 X HVLP spray gun

1 x Folding magnifying glass

1 x Small colour wheel

1 x Small mouth diffuser

1 x Small brucle brush

1 x Large brucle brush

1 x Pair of scissors

1 x Plastic spatula

10 x Red prep pads

8 x 320 Sandpaper

8 x 1200 Sandpaper



1 x 250ml Weak Black

1 x 250ml Bright Yellow

1 x 250ml Scarlet (Red)

1 x 250ml Strong Black

1 x 250ml Bright Red

1 x 250ml Dark Blue

1 x 250ml Orange

1 x 250ml White

1 x 250ml Magenta

1 x 250ml Red Oxide

1 x 250ml Violet

1 x 250ml Navy Blue

1 x 250ml Bright Green

1 x 250ml Lemon

1 x 250ml Yellow Oxide

1 x 250ml Umber

1 x 250ml Leather Primer

1 x 250ml Vinyl adhesion promoter


1 x Fat Max Rolling workshop

1 x Hair drier

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