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Handbag Ink & Stain Dye Remover Kit


LRCK8 The Handbag Ink & Stain Remover Kit

The Handbag Ink & Stain Remover has been designed to remove all types of stains from coated leather surfaces, without causing damage to the coating. Can be used to remove grease, ink & Stains that have penetrated the leather surface and causing discolouration of the leather.

The Handbag Ink & Stain remover, removes grease, dirt, oils and waxes that may be on the leather surface, that, unless removed, could cause lack of adhesion with colours.

NOTE: It will also draw out ink stains and all other staining that has soaked into leather such as aniline and pull up leathers.

Will Help Remove: Drink Stains. Grease patches on handles. Cooking oil spill, or air freshener spill. Food spills, e.g. pizza, chips, curry grease etc. Ink & Stains. Nail varnish & Paints stained areas. Makeup stains and marks.

The leather degreaser, Ink & Stain Remover works on all types of leather including aniline and pull up leathers, Bi Cast leather may need re colouring.

The only types it is not suitable for use on are suede and nubuck. Some leathers will need colour restoration afterwards due to it possibly taking out the colour.

Please read the bottle before using the product. Leather can be cleaned before and after using this product with the Leather Cleaner LRC1.

How to use

Clean it:
Use the Leather Cleaner to clean your leather item fully to remove all dirt prior to attempting to remove the stain.

Remove it:
Use the Ink & Stain Remover to gently remove the ink/stain from the area using a cotton bud. Do not soak the area around the stain and always go from outside the stain to the inside.

Clean it:
Use the Leather Cleaner to remove all Ink & Stain Remover residue and final dirt from the surface.

Seal it:
Apply several layers of the Leather Protection Cream specifically to the area you are working on first and then cover the whole item to finish off.

• 100ml Leather Ink & Stain Remover
• 100ml Protection Cream
• 100ml Leather Cleaner
• 8 Application buds
• 2 Sponges
• Lint free cloth

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