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Leather Lacquer Finish LRC16



Extremely hard wearing and scuff resistant

Our Leather Lacquer Finish is the perfect solution for sealing and strengthening your surface especially after you apply a leather colourant.

Clear Lacquer Leather finish is a clear coat sealer/lacquer designed to be applied over the top of the Leather colourant, to seal in the top coat, giving the finish an extremely hard wearing surface, protecting it from grime, stains and dirt.

Expect amazing results. The leather lacquer finish creates a lovely gloss, satin, or matt clear lacquer leather finish. It is incredibly durable, seals in colour, and is extremely flexible, giving off a natural soft touch. The Lacquer finish is available in matt, gloss, or satin, allowing you to mix to get any desired finish.

These clear coat lacquers that come in a satin leather finish, gloss leather finish and matt leather finish are designed to seal in leather that’s starting to fade and wear, application is extremely easy and the product dries within minutes compared to other coatings that can take hours and hours to dry. Making this an extremely user friendly easy to apply product.

These finishes are professional grade, as used in leather tanneries, so you know your getting an excellent product to protect your leather surface and finish. They are water based, non-hazardous, non-flammable. Once dried they form a hard shell on the surface that’s clear, hard wearing, very scuff resistant, stops colour from rubbing off and offers a fantastic scratch resistance, offering last lasting protection with a hard-wearing shell-like coating.

This DIY clear coat lacquer leather finish is intended to lock in the colour once it has been applied to the surface of leather. It also feels soft and natural on the leather, without making it seem or look artificial. In reality, it significantly improves the touch and texture of leather, resulting in a very smooth, soft, silky feel that is very natural and so realistic that you won't be able to tell them apart.

The clear coat Lacquer Leather Finish is an excellent complement to produced antique polished leathers. It's an excellent do-it-yourself option especially where the coloured finish is rubbed off, providing a two-tone effect coloured look and finish.

1 Apply the leather lacquer finish to a sponge and dab on
2 When dabbing onto the surface, be careful not to overload the sponge as you do not want to create a froth
3 If spraying, spray in even overlapping motions, ensuring you have covered the area completely
3 Apply two to three coats maximum and allow to dry between each coat
4 You can speed the drying process up with a hairdryer
5 Between the first and second coat, lightly sand with 7000 grit paper to give it a soft and silky finish feel before applying the final coat of Lacquer Finish

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