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Leather Softening Crème LRC20



Our Leather Softening Cream rejuvenates dried-out, brittle, hard, and worn-out leather, restoring it to softness and smoothness.

The Leather Softening Crème works by entering the leather and soaking into every single fibre, restoring soft and supple leather.

When restoring old broken leather, the surface leather colourant usually cracks along with it and must be rubbed out. If the leather has cracked and the colorant on the surface has faded. The Leather Softening Crème can be used to make the leather soft and supple once again without the need to remove the colour if you wish to retain originality and that beautiful leather patina.

The Leather Softening Crème can be used to soften old dried up brittle worn leathers without destroying the colourant.

Its unique formula allows it to work on all types of leathers including anilines, pigmented, two tone, semi aniline, veg tanned, antique two tone leather, top coated leather and rub off leather. 

The Leather Softening Crème is intended for use on worn, dried-out leather, such as vehicle seats, sofas, shoes, luggage, and clothing. With its natural oils and preservatives, it will also restore some of the colour. Use the Leather Softening Crème to infuse life back into leather that has become hard, brittle, and depleted of all its natural oils and nutrition. Works great on furniture and classic cars.

How to use:

1 Put on protective gloves and generously coat the leather with the Leather Softening Cream, kneading it into the cracked areas.
2. Massage well into the broken areas, pushing the leather in all directions to ensure the revive is working into the grain and fibre structures.
3 Apply a second generous coat of the leather softening lotion and leave it to dry for a few hours or overnight for best results
4 Wrap the second layer in cling film to allow it to penetrate deeper into the fibres; however, this step is optional.
5 Wipe off the surface with a damp cloth to remove any residue.
If the leather is still not as soft as you believe or would like it to be, repeat the methods outlined above.

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