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Leather Protection Spray LRC38



The worlds best intelligent leather protective system.

Our Leather Protection Spray will keep your leather safe, use our easy-to-apply Leather Protection Spray.

Our leather spray will keep it in good shape, especially if you desire that nice soft smooth feel. We highly recommend The Leather Repair Company's Protector, which is also designed to prevent stains and dirt from accumulating on a variety of leathers.

This shield provides an impenetrable barrier that keeps you safe. This will offer protection for up to 3 to 6 months, possibly longer depending on the use of the items it’s being applied to with its waterproof properties and intelligent protection.

Our goal is to meet or surpass the greatest levels of durability, longevity, and stain resistance while preserving style. As experts within the aftercare industry our leather protection spray ultimately protects against dirt and grime with our advanced technology barrier, allowing you easy maintenance to keep your leather clean and fresh at all times.

Use on leather cars seats, couches, handbags, jackets, motorcycle gear and more.

1. Clean the area with our leather cleaner
2. Spray a generous amount of the protection spray and rub with a soft cloth or sponge, directly to the leather, making sure you've covered the whole area
3. Let it dry, and enjoy your newly protected leather.

Pigmented Leather: The protection spray is a simple spray on, leave to dry and buff up the area afterwards. Do not over apply, a single spray application is enough on pigmented leather finishes.

If you wanted to apply a second coat, you must let the first coat dry, speed this up with a hair dryer and then buff off any excess. Apply the second coating and follow the same steps above. Do not apply more than two coats.

Aniline Leather: On porous leather like aniline, spray, apply and leave to dry, then apply a second coat and leave to dry again. No need to buff off any excess on this type of leather, just allow the product to soak in and protect the leather.

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