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Mini Technician Leather Repair Kit


Mini Technician Leather Repair Kit.

This kit is very popular with hotels maintenance workers to carry out minor repairs to items around a hotel. 

Products & Tools
1 x 250ml Premium leather cleaner
1 x 250ml Leather protection cream
1 x 250ml Leather prep
2 x 10ml Coloured heavy filler white & black
1 x 100ml Leather finish gloss
1 x 100ml Leather finish matt
16 x Small Sponges
1 x Spatula
1 x Bundle of prep rags

1 x 100ml Weak Black
1 x 100ml Bright Yellow
1 x 100ml Scarlet (Red)
1 x 100ml Strong Black
1 x 100ml Bright Red
1 x 100ml Dark Blue
1 x 100ml Orange
1 x 100ml White
1 x 100ml Magenta
1 x 100ml Red Oxide
1 x 100ml Violet
1 x 100ml Navy Blue
1 x 100ml Bright Green
1 x 100ml Lemon
1 x 100ml Yellow Oxide
1 x 100ml Umber

Please note:
Boxes may change

This kit is designed as a hobbyist kit for someone who want to have a go at doing repairs before buying a full size kit or to practice minor repairs for someone at home or the office.


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