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Piping Repair Filler LRC35



Our Piping Filler is perfect for filling scuffs, abrasions and holes in piping. It can be sanded and coloured to create the perfect repair. Gives a Natural look and has a rapid drying repair compound.

You can also mix the Leather Colourant with this filler to match the leather colour making the repair better and enabling you to get a better more invisible finish.

The filler repair compound, produces a natural look and feel, can be grained by stippling the filler on, creating a grain-like finish, then lightly sanded back and coloured over the top.

The piping repair filler has excellent adhesion properties, won’t shrink, crack or peel off, once applied correctly, its medium viscosity and has an excellent shelf life. The piping repair filler has a flexible finish so it won’t crack. It may need several applications to ensure a perfect repair to all areas of piping.

*Not suitable on Suede, Nubuck or absorbent materials*

1 Apply Piping to your desired area.
2 Wipe across and fill in the visible surface abrasions, scuffs and holes with the piping filler
3 Allow to dry for a lasting, invisible repair
4 If several coats are required, follow the same process

Warning: Not suitable on Suede, Nubuck or absorbent materials

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