Saddle Care Mould Remover - SC3


Saddle Care Mould remover.

Protecting your health, and your horses health is important. Using our specialist Saddle & Tack care mould remover will not only offer protection against mould, but it will also kill it.

Helps prevent spores growth, mycotoxins and allergens. Removes mould quickly and easily.

Mould Remover Spray Application.

Spray directly onto the surface of the item you are looking at to remove any mould growth. Allowing to sit for a few minutes to penetrate the mould growth, then wipe away.

If the first application does not remove all the mould spray again and if required use a soft Tampico brush to agitate the surface to help remove all the mould.

You can also spray directly in to a soft foam sponge and apply this way, use suitable protective gloves when using

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