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Saddle Softening Crème - SC4


Dried out, stiff or cracked leather is common out leathers that are constantly exposed to the natural elements outside.

    The Crème penetrates the leather to soak into every single fibre of the leather making is soft and supple again.


    Apply a good coating to the leather, massaging well into the broken areas. If you put on some gloves you can work this into the leather with your hands.

    When applying, make sure you push the leather in all directions massage the leather as you go as the flex motion will ensure the revive is working onto the grain and fibre structures.

    You can then apply a second generous coating of the leather softening creme and if you wish cover this in cling film. Let this stand like this for a few hours or even overnight to be more effective depending on the level of damage.

    You can then, with a cloth that is lightly damp wipe over the surface to remove any excess product left.

    If the leather is still not feeling as supple as you think or would like it to be, apply more coatings following the processes above.

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