Leather Repair Company

Shoe Restorer LRC48


LRC48 Makes Shoes Like Brand New Again 

Dyes leather like no product ever before.

Our Shoe Restorer cream easily restores the colour of the old worn faded leather shoes, boots and cases when you use our leather restorer creams.

  • Revives Colours
  • Can Change The Colour
  • Silky Soft Finish
  • Easy To Use
  • Restores Shoes
  • Safe To Use

All other creams in the world are made of synthetic waxes and can only take a limited amount of dye before streaking occurs. Because of its unique formula, the LRC Shoe Restorer Creams can accept more dye, which is why it is a world leader. It can be tweaked, and the colours can be blended as you work it into the leather. It also gives handcrafted quality items a two-tone antiqued look.

Q. Can I change the colour of my leather with this?
A. Yes, it’s designed to do just that or retain the original colour, you can buff the shoe restorer cream to change the colour if you wish.
Q. If I apply several coats will it make my leather darker?
A. Yes it’s designed to colour leather shoes, compared to other products that are just a polish, applying more than one layer will make areas darker and it’s fantastic for two-tone.
Q. Will this come off onto my clothing?
A. No. It 100% stays in the leather once it’s then sealed in.
Q. Will this fill in my cracks?
A. It will colour the cracks. In order to fill in the cracks, you will need to use a buffer machine along with our carna bars.

Our leather shoe restorative cream revitalises the colour of both old and new leather, as well as colour of leather shoes, boots, and old cases. The shoe restorer is a superb product that can be coated with a range of colours to produce antiqued finishes. It's also great for restoring old natural leather cases.

How to use:

1 Before applying the cream, clean the leather with the luxury leather cleaner to free it of all old dirt and grime.
2 With a soft clean cloth apply a generous amount of our Leather Restorer Cream and massage into the leather in a circular motions
3 Apply two more applications for more protection if desired.
4 Let it sit for a few minutes then lightly buff up whilst rubbing away any excess. If you have a shoe buffing machine then you can buff the shoes this way for speed.
5 You can seal this finish in our Leather Protection Cream and then buff up if you wish to provide a satin sheen or leave to sit for a matt finish.

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