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Sneaker Cleaner LRC61


Sneaker Cleaner LRC61 

Our Sneaker cleaner is a powerful cleaning solution which removes stubborn grime and dirt. Thanks to its special additives this enables sneakers to be kept soft and supple at all times.

  • Great on leather and vinyl sneakers.

  • Astonishing results.

  • Works on soles.

  • Brightens all leathers and plastics.

  • Easy to use.
    The sneaker cleaner is capable of removing stubborn deep-down grime and dirt within the grain.

We suggest after cleaning your sneakers, you should use a protection product to maintain them and to protect them against the elements like, stains and dirt in the future.

It works on all colours of leather and plastic type sneakers and all different grain structures, from fine to heavy grains.

The sneaker cleaner is capable of cleaning deep down on all types of leather and plastic sneakers including the soles.

Not only does it deep clean with astonishing results it brightens all sneaker colours making them bright and vibrant once again.


For dying raw hide, crust leather or veg tanned leather, can also be used to restore the colour on crusts and veg tanned items, like handbags, shoes, furniture, or even classic car interiors where no fillers are wanted or needed, or to give aging to antique furniture, production of re-enactment clothing in the sci fi, medieval and historical sectors.

1. Shake the bottle well before use, test in a small hidden areas first
2. Spray directly onto the surface and work in with a brucle brush or a bamboo applicator pad
3. Use circular motions to lift away the dirt from your sneakers
4. Using a soft terry towel wipe away all dirt residue
5. After cleaning proceed to condition and protect your vinyl with leather juice or leather protection spray.
As an additional help guide the sneaker cleaner can be sprayed onto the surface lightly agitated and then left for a few minutes to work into the grain of the sneakers to break down grease and grime and to remove imbedded dirt.

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