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Stain Dye Remover Soap LRC39


LRC39 Removes Ink Stain, Dye Transfer and More.

Our Stain Dye Remover Soap removes stubborn stains without the hassle.

Our eco friendly Stain Remover Soap has been developed to remove stubborn stains including; ink, grease, drink spills and more with no colour restoration needed.

A fantastic product designed to remove stains not just on leather, but vinyl and other surfaces like metal and wood.

Works on 

  • Pigmented Leather
  • Aniline Leather
  • Faux Leather
  • Vegan Leather   
  • Vinyl 
  • Waxy Pull Ups 
  • Veg Tanned Leather
As well as working on the above leathers it works on these types of items. 
  •  Leather Car Seats
  • Leather handbags
  • Leather Sofas
  • Leather Purses
  • Leather wallets 
  • Leather jackets
  • Leather Shoes 

This is just a small selection of items the stain remover soap work on.


Lrc39 was originally designed to be used on delicate leathers such as Nappa. We’ve now developed this to work on pigmented leathers too. Using the same source of natural ingredients

1 Wet your soap and rub onto damp cloth.
2 Work soap into stained areas with damp cloth.
3 Use a circular motion to lift stains and repeat process if necessary.

After removing the stain protect all areas with the leather protection cream.

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